Visa FinTech Initiatives


Visa recently announced two new programs designed to support European FinTechs:

Visa Fast-Track Program

  • From July, FinTech start-ups based in Europe can onboard with Visa in only 4 weeks
  • Visa will partner with companies wanting to sponser the start-ups and take part in the program
  • On launch Visa will partner with Contis, an alternative banking, payments and processing platform provider

Visa Investment Program

  • In addition, Visa has launched $100m investment program
  • This will support the development of European FinTech solutions, who are innovating in open banking
  • “These are exciting times for payments in Europe. The introduction of new regulation, combined with dramatic changes in consumer behaviour and rapid technology developments, have transformed Europe into a region where new commerce ideas are born every day. This creates an incredible opportunity for new and existing payment companies to deliver more seamless, simple and secure payments that people demand”, said Visa’s CEO for Europe, Charlotte Hogg, who was speaking at the Money 20/20 conference in Amsterdam
  • Any FinTech interested in working with Visa should visit for more information.

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