Tiziana Tan | Brain Juice Collective | Women In Tech


1.What is your name?



2.Tell us your position and name of your company

Founder and CEO, Brain Juice Collective.


3.What’s on your schedule today?

– Catch up on what’s going around the world via my RSS feed
– Post a couple of opinion posts on my personal LinkedIn and Facebook handles
– Clear outstanding emails and check Asana for workflow
– Team meeting on projects and support required (every day we work on client projects, our startups and our own initiatives)
– Plan for Campus Party (a tech conference happening in Singapore right now) – research and content development (collecting cool stories)
– Develop content for our social media – we are currently working on a video series that will encourage people to contribute to and share in our Brain Juice Library – it’s called Juicy Reads
– Mentor and strategise with a Founder under our incubator programme
– Unwind.


4.What was the last thing you googled?



5.Which social platform do you prefer – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram and why?

If I had to pick one, I would choose Facebook. I feel that it is able to give me a wide array of content types (photos, videos, articles) that cover many different topics. Their algorithm pushes content that I find useful and very shareable for the conversations I want to have both online and offline. We get a lot of meaningful engagement and conversions through Facebook as well!


6.Women in Tech – What does that term mean to you?

Strong and innovative women who are not afraid of a world that is constantly evolving, women who have their ear to the ground, women who are constantly learning and creating to bring value to people.


7.What is the one question you wish people would ask you?

I love it when people ask how they can get involved in Brain Juice Collective.


8.What’s the key to good networking?

Be authentic and shift the focus from yourself to a collaborative conversation involving the other party.


9.What opportunity does tech offer women?

Technology offers everyone an avenue to learn, up-skill and create. It is an exciting arena that allows ideas to scale and reach more people. Most importantly, it has allowed people from around the world to connect and create value, together.


10.What’s the best advice your Mum has given you?

When you fall, brush off those knees, stand up and go again. Always take care of yourself.


11.What do you do to unwind?

Reading, cooking, Omakase, yoga and fitness challenges. I’m also a sucker for home and personal makeover shows.


12.Which learning resource (on or offline) would you recommend?

My favourite books include A World of Three Zeros by Muhammad Yunus, Originals by Adam Grant and Bad Girls throughout History by Ann Shen. I love learning from non-traditional tools like Children’s Books, board games, AR, VR and more!

Some other resources include BBC World Service for interesting and informative stories from around the world, Causeartist for global social enterprise news, The New York Times for cool 360 VR stories, Marketing Interactive and The Drum for marketing news as well as The Economist for world news and thought pieces. I also subscribe to newsletters from specific tech and marketing tools that we use.

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