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1. What is your name?

Nadine Mezher.


2. Tell us your position and name of your company

Co-founder and CMO @ Sarwa.


3. What’s on your schedule today?

Work, Panel discussion, Picking up kids from school, homework, playtime and dinner, some Yoga and more Work!

Potentially sleep if my daughter lets me.


4. What was the last thing you googled?

US Senate Committee Report on Tackling the Gender Gap.


5. Which social platform do you prefer – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram and why?

My personal preferences are LinkedIn and Twitter. They are a good source of relevant information for my work.

That was not the case a couple of years ago, when I favoured Facebook and Instagram!

Today, I prefer to keep my personal life more private and focus on the professional environment instead.


6. Women in Tech – What does that term mean to you?

Since I am now part of the industry, the meaning changed for me. I used to view it as someone ‘who can write codes’ and be ‘very technical’ but it does not necessary have to be that.

Of course, It is important to know the core of your business, but there are other expertize that are of equal value. For me, right now it is automation, digital and content strategy, analytical and processing abilities, and how to use AI to deliver a better product.


7. What is the one question you wish people would ask you?

‘how does it feel now that you’ve won the lottery?’


8. What’s the key to good networking?

Think about who you want to network with, who can be beneficial for your career as well as your personal development.

If it’s for your business, be strategic and selective. Running a business takes a lot of dedication and often you find yourself with very little time to network even though you know it is needed.

Be authentic, make real connection and try to be helpful. Like any business partnerships, think about what you can bring to the table too.


9. What opportunity does tech offer women?

Endless! We just need to grab them.
Right now tech is at the centre of everything we do. The number of women in tech today is still very low, although growing fast. We need to mentor more girls at schools into the field and educate them about the choices available so they opt for it when they go to college or decide what to do with their future.


10. What’s the best advice your Mum has given you?

‘Always rely on yourself and be independent in every way’

Also ‘don’t spend too long with your hair wrapped in a towel’


11. What do you do to unwind?

Dancing with my kids! That’s the daily remedy.

Painting when I can.

But for a bigger recharging of the battery: travel to a place where I am immersed in nature and history.


12. Which learning resource (on or offline) would you recommend?

If we are talking tech, You have your usual : Mashable and Wired – but they can be sometimes overloaded with clickbaits. can be interesting to understanding how to fund your company.

You can also check out

and you will find some interesting reads here: Just always keep an open mind, and check the sources.

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