Huawei Cloud Launches Global Blockchain Services

  • Huawei Cloud (cloud service arm of Huawei Global) has officially launched its global Blockchain Service (BCS)


  • The service enables global enterprises and developers create, deploy, and manage blockchain applications quickly and at minimal cost on Huawei Cloud


  • BCS is a cloud service that takes advantage of Huawei Cloud’s container and security technologies. It can be used in data applications, the Internet of Things (IoT), finance, and other areas. Scenarios the technology can be used in include data transactions, identity authentication, proof of information (such as real estate and education), remote healthcare, food source tracing, the Internet of Vehicles (IoV), and IoT device management


  • According to Huawei, the blockchain service is open and easy to use, flexible and efficient, cost-effective & has robust security and privacy protections.

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