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1. What is your name?

Aisha Alkhaja.


2. Tell us your position and name of your company

I am the Founder and Director of Little Wren which is an online company selling curated luxury items for all the family (


3. What’s on your schedule today?

Today is Emirati Women’s Day! So I am taking part on a panel with 3 other Emirati women to discuss our role as women in our selected field. I am so excited but very nervous too.


4. What was the last thing you googled?

Sheikh Zayed and Emirati women day.


5. Which social platform do you prefer – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram and why?

I prefer Instagram because I feel that it is the platform that is most suited to my business. It allows us to show case what it is that we do, the products we sell as well as keep customers up to date instantly.


6. Women in Tech – What does that term mean to you?

It means power, progress, growth and change. I think Tech really opens doors and bridges gaps which is essential not only in business but in day to day life.


7. What is the one question you wish people would ask you?

What is it really like to be half Emirati and half British.


8. What’s the key to good networking?

Be open to opportunities, take chances and don’t dismiss anyone that approaches you. I have recently learned that great things come from those you don’t expect when you least expect it.


9. What opportunity does tech offer women?

Tech enables women to be who they want to be without limitations. Tech does not discriminate and that is a powerful tool.


10. What’s the best advice your Mum has given you?

My Mum always taught me to believe in myself and to chase after what I truly want in life. The best advice she ever gave me was “Never give up on something that is worth fighting for”.


11. What do you do to unwind?

I have recently started going to the gym and training with a personal trainer. This helps me unwind in a way and get ready for the day ahead. The way I like to really unwind… a nice hot bubble bath with lots of candles, bath salts and a good soundtrack!


12. Which learning resource (on or offline) would you recommend?

Podcasts! I discovered a series about a year ago called How I built this with Guy Raz. Each episode is focused on a different well known brand such as Instagram, Kate spade, Dermalogica…. The list goes on. It is basically the story of how these brands got started and the progress over the years. As an entrepreneur this is not only educational for me but oh so inspiring! I highly recommend the series and just Podcast in general. You can educate yourself on the go which is perfect in today’s fast pace world.

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