US Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) – ICO Guidelines

  • The US Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) have released an official ICO (Initial Coin Offering) guide on its website


  • With so many ICO scams making headlines, the SEC are looking to avoid this and ensure companies who ICO are legitimate and people who invest are protected


  • The website highlights 5 things you need to know about an ICO:
  1. ICO’s can be securities falling under SEC law
  2. ICO’s that are securities must be registered
  3. To be aware that ‘Tokens’ sold in an ICO can be called many things
  4. ICO’s carry substantial risks
  5. To ask questions before making any investments


  • The guidelines also includes what an investor should specifically look for when looking to invest in an ICO – ensure you do your research, the investment is sound, understand how the product is traded etc.


  • The final section looks at what market professionals need to know about an ICO – to be cautious when promoting an ICO, to protect investors, to know when a exchange needs to be registered etc.


  • For more information, view the full guidelines here.

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