Samsung SDS – Nexfinance

  • A subsidiary of tech company Samsung, Samsung SDS, has announced a blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI) based financial platform, Nexfinance


  • In the press release Samsung explained that ”Nexfinance is a digital financial platform with advanced IT technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchains, big data analysis, and intelligent process automation”


  • The Nexfinance platform will provide services such as digital identity, financial concierge, AI virtual assistant, and automatic insurance payments


  • ”Digital identity is a block-chain-based identification that can securely transmit personal information. Financial concierge is a financial asset management service that utilizes artificial intelligence and big data analysis. The AI virtual assistant / claim automatic billing automates the financial institution work, making it possible for the customer to provide fast and convenient services.”, Samsung said


  • Samsung SDS hopes the AI/blockchain based financial platform will lead digital innovation.

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