Samsung Expands Global AI Centers

  • Samsung Research announced that they are opening three more AI centers in Cambridge – UK (May 22nd), Toronto – Canada (May 24th) and Moscow – Russia (May 29th)


  • Samsung also has AI centers set up in Korea (Seoul) and the U.S. (Silicon Valley)


  • With five AI centers around the world Samsung hope to to strengthen the company’s AI capabilities


  • Samsung also want to explore the potential of user-centric AI. In the press release they stated that in its vision for AI, they are focusing on five core aspects to drive its research “user centric,” realizing personalization through a multi-modal interface; “always learning,” through continuous self-learning from data; “always there,” as an ambient service; “always helpful,” with minimization of user intervention and response to requests; and “always safe,” ensuring user safety and privacy


  • “Samsung has a long history of pursuing innovation and we are excited to be bringing that same passion and technology leadership to AI,” said Hyun-suk Kim, President and Head of Samsung Research at the opening ceremony of the new AI Center in Cambridge. With the new AI Centers and recruitment of leading experts in the field, our aim is to be a game changer for the AI industry.”

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