Oasis Labs – Blockchain Cloud Computing Platform

  • Dawn Song, Professor of Computer Science at University of California, along with other top talent from UC Berkeley, MIT, Stanford, University of Washington, Cornell, Google have all come together to launch Oasis Labs 


  • According to the website, Oasis Labs is ”a new computing platform that enables cloud-scale, real-world applications with decentralized trust and privacy protection; in short, a privacy-first, high-performance cloud computing platform on blockchain”


  • Oasis Labs have raised $45 million from a16zcrypto, Accel, Binance Labs, DCVC (Data Collective), Electric Capital, Foundation Capital, Gaorong, Metastable, Pantera, Polychain, and more in support of the project


  • “Blockchains are poised to revolutionize much of the way we live, but many developers and organizations have understandable concerns about performance and privacy limitations that are currently hindering their ability to embrace the technology,” said Dr. Dawn Song, CEO of Oasis Labs. “The Oasis platform aims to help users leverage and reclaim control over their data, and at the same time deliver superior performance and privacy capabilities. Our goal is to build the scalable and secure decentralized internet that puts users first.”

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