IBM AI Project Debater

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  • Since 2012 IBM have been trying to make an Artificial Intelligence (AI) debater machine, where man and machine can debate issues and come to more informed decisions


  • The AI debater machine follows the format of a traditional debate. Both machine and human each present a four-minute opening, followed by a four-minute rebuttal and a two-minute closing statement. The Project Debater does not know the topic beforehand and is not pre-trained on any specific topic


  • The Debater will then go through all the knowledge stored in its system and find the relevant points and evidence to support or debate the topic


  • According to the IBM website, Project Debater relies on 3 main skills to create a meaningful debate;
  1. data-driven speech writing and delivery, or the ability to automatically generate a whole speech, reminiscent of an opinion article, and deliver it persuasively
  2. listening comprehension, which is the ability to understand a long spontaneous speech made by the human opponent in order to construct a meaningful rebuttal
  3. the system’s ability to model human dilemmas and form principled arguments made by humans in different debates based on a unique knowledge graph. 



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