Google Nest Hello

  • Google is launching its facial recognition video doorbell in the UK


  • The Nest Hello is a wi-fi powered smart doorbell. The inbuilt camera can capture high definition pictures in both day and night and send alerts with pictures to users


  • With an internet connection, users are able to speak to their visitors from anywhere in the world, the device can call your smartphone directly when a visitor rings the doorbell


  • The main feature is its machine learning technology. The Nest can analyse the doorbell video and can distinguish between visitors, delivery people and burglers, and sending alerts only when necessary


  • Cloud video recording and face recognition, also allows users to name visitors and then have them automatically identified. Nest can tell you if your partner is at the door or your children etc.


  • Users can also opt to have the doorbell say one of three pre-recorded replies if you can’t or don’t want to answer the door:


  1. “Hi there! No one can answer the door right now. We’ll be notified you stopped by.”
  2. “Hi there! You can just leave it. Thanks!” &
  3. “Just a sec… we’ll be right there.”


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