Cracking The Code On Cryptocurrency | ING Report Findings




  • In terms of gender, 77% of men have heard about it and over half of the women (55%). This reflects the sentiment that more women are now entering the crypto space


  • Interestingly the younger generation, people aged 25-34 or 35-44 are not much more likely to have heard of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin


  • The study found that people who use smartphones, tablets or similar devices to bank are more likely to have heard of cryptocurrencies (69%) than those who do not bank using their mobile device (59%)


  • Only 9% of people in Europe own cryptocurrency, and 25% expect do so in the future (31% for mobile bankers)


  • Only a third (35%) of Europeans think Bitcoin spending is the future, and 32% agreed that investing in cryptocurrencies is the future


  • In terms of the risk factor, 46% in Europe see traditional investments such as shares a more reliable investment than cryptocurrencies. This reflects the uncertainty of investors due to the volatile cryptocurrency markets at present


  • Overall, men and mobile bankers are more likely to have heard of  cryptocurrencies and invest into it.

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