20th Century Fox Uses AI To Predict Movie Audiences

  • 20th Century Fox with the help of partners such as Google Cloud are using Machine Learning (ML) to predict movie audiences


  • The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is to help movie studios better understand audiences and in turn predict what kind of movies will make them money in the future


  • According to the blog post, 20th Century has ”built privacy-robust data partnerships to better understand moviegoers, and have developed in-house deep learning models that train on granular customer data and movie scripts to identify the basic patterns in audiences’ preferences for different types of films”


  • A deep learning model named Merlin is used to analyse movies such as Logan, to see what audiences are engaging with, for example, if someone has previously seen mostly movies with a male action lead, are they more likely to see another movie with a male action lead? (more in-depth information on how it works can be found here). The results proved to be true and the impact of these tools on the studios’ marketing and data teams are said to be significant


  • 20th century have been using this technology since 2017 and continue to use it for invaluable data insight into its audiences and are expanding it to more areas such as incorporating purchase and rental data from home entertainment sources to identify stronger correlations between an audience member and the titles they’ve watched


  • The team can also review actual box office performance versus their internal predictions, to see which segment level predictions came true.

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